Hobby Learning

Here is a list of sites I've worked on. Any suggestions/feedback welcome.



This is a family website to keep the members across the globe be updated about the happening in the taravad(Ancestral house) and Macchu (family temple). The site has a news section which informs about any events done using github blog.


This is a website done for a digitalization and publishing company. Pure static site.

Blissful Abode

Website done for an upcoming heritage homestay. Planning to integrate a booking system once the place is operational.

Stem Academy

Website done for an educational institute offering STEM based education.(The company has discontinued operation now. So live site not available)

Dhanya CM

This website is done to consolidate all my scattered interests in one place. Have also integrated my personal blog from BlogSpot which is running there from 2004.

Gadgets Bits

A technical blog in Malayalam. Tried GitHub blog here too but need to move to WordPress for better control.

Forgotten Tastes

A WordPress based food blogging website to refer the traditional tastes of my home kitchen.

Winning Earth

A sustainable lifestyle brand. A dream project that I am working on currently. Actual site will come up soon.

Contact Me

If you wish to have me for any web development/consultation, contact me.