This is Me

I traveled a very atypical path, both personally and professionally.

Personal Life
Born and brought up in Thrissur, one of the sleepy towns in the central part of Kerala in Southern India, also known as cultural capital of Kerala. Both my parents were govt servants and gave more importance to education and encouraged me to study and secure a job rather than getting married which is the norm in this part of the world. Of course they had their concerns later when I decided not to get married just for the sake of it and wait until I am fully convinced. Anyway I guess the grooming in initial days probably made me very 'un-girly' ;)

Education and Career
I have always loved solving problems. Being good at maths and science, I graduated as an electronics and communications engineer and is working in the Telecom industry ever since. I have worked with many of the telecom majors. Started my career with Siemens Communications Systems which was a part of Siemens AG which got merged with Nokia Systems to be Nokia Siemens Networks. Later I moved on to the startup space for a brief time and worked in the Cloud and IoT space before moving back to Telecom and is now working for Ericsson in their NFV-Mano space
Have a look at my Resume or Check my Linkedin Profile for details.

Hobbies and Interests
My work took me to different places which kind of broke the initial resitance to go out and explore as a single women and gradually I developed a craze for travelling. I also managed to create a group of likeminded friends who loved travel and we have managed to explore quite many places together
The urge to capture the beauty around me during these journeys is what took me to photography and I believe it can tell stories beyond the obvious
And I have always made things, as far back as I can remember - embroidery, sewing, knitting, sketching and a whole lot of other stuff so that I don't get bored at home (except that I may not stick to one specific craft)
Being an only child, journeling was my way of expressing my emotions and that is what got evolved to blogging. I like to write about what I do in life , my thoughts , my dreams and many more silly things...
And very recently, I learned web development out of curiosity and now enjoy doing websites for friends and family.

My Support System
I was orphaned in my late 20s when both my parents passed away within a short span of time - Dad due to brain tumour and mom by a sudden heart attack. Despite my age and professional experience, these incidents changed me forever. Shock, numbness , denial , anger, sadness, despair - went though intense cycles of these emotions for many months or even years and I really struggled to keep my mental sanity intact
Ram came to my life as a life partner a few years later and kind of lifted me up in the true sense. He is my piller of strength and also my partner in crime in all my journeys and we both share a very similar vision about life and future.
We also share our lives with two canines who keep us on our toes - Diva and Hachi. Diva came in from a pharma testing labouratry and Hachi joined us soon after when he was abandonded by his original owners. Although we would like to believe we had rescued them it is still a question of who rescued whom!

Dreams and Future
“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
- Gustav Flaubert

Travel will continue to top my list and I wish to cover all of the places in my relatively long bucket list :)

Another dream is to do something that matters - Use my skills, technical knowledge and experience to,in some way, help others unlock their own creative gifts and share their genius with the world. May be a creative hub as a gathering place for all like-minded people to create , connect and collaborate. Let's see

And of course giving back to society in whichever way possible - A sustainable living , a helping hand for aged/special needs/animals/people in distress,...

Time is precious so i wont let it go
I know this is my time
I will not. i will not. i will not let my dream die
Album: Time Is Precious (feat. Hannah May)